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Ouzo Power/Knowledge. Ouzo drinking tips for Corfu visitors

Ouzo and Greece Not many alcoholic drinks are more distinctively Greek than Ouzo. Its name’s origin is as interesting as it is disputed. There are three speculations from the Turkish “üzüm”-grape, or, from the expression “uso Massalia”, with its related … Read More

Corfiot eggs with sauce (shakshuka) and samphire.

The history of Shakshuka is lost somewhere around the Mediterranean and it doesn’t need much for an introduction, while as the recipe evolves constantly it has also become an experimental favorite. As each version takes a slightly different approach to … Read More

Survival Guide for Rainy Days in South and Mid Corfu

”If by your art, my dearest father, you have Put the wild waters in this roar, allay them. The sky, it seems, would pour down stinking pitch“ The Tempest, W. Shakespeare So, after you have planned your holiday in green … Read More

Thalassa Garden and South Corfu

Thalassa Garden is situated in Psaras village on the east side of the narrowest part of the “leg” of Corfu, towards the south, in the bay of Messongi. From the garden the guests can see the Old Fortress of corfu, … Read More

Our local and Corfu town choices for tavernas, restaurants and markets for 2020

This is a list with the restarants, taverns and markets that are noteworthy and convenient for the guests of Thalassa garden to visit.  In Psaras The Fisherman’s Haunt Dionysos taverna George and Helena’s taverna   In Messonghi, Bacchus taverna   … Read More

Top local and Greek dishes and products that you should definitely try when in Corfu

Pastitsada– One of the most famous local pasta dishes, typically it is rooster cooked in red wine, though other meats can be used, like chicken, veel or even mullets.  Burdeto-The infamous local fish stew with a very spicy red sauce. … Read More

Our Answers Your Top Questions

Taxis:  Corfu Radio-Taxi 26610 39911, Nektarios (local driver) +30 698742916   Buses: Buses from and to Corfu   Car-scooter rentals: Many available scooter and car rentals in Messongi. We recommend Millenium Car Rentals.   Boat trips: A few available … Read More

Places to visit in South and Mid Corfu

 Corfu has been a notorious threshold between East and West, North and South,  since the Homeric times. This position, across the stern-looking Ceraunian mountains, in front of the ‘entrance’ to Adriatica right across the strait of Otranto, and across the … Read More