Thalassa Garden and South Corfu

Thalassa Garden is situated in Psaras village on the east side of the narrowest part of the “leg” of Corfu, towards the south, in the bay of Messongi. From the garden the guests can see the Old Fortress of corfu, Canoni and the airport, as well as the mountain Pantokrator, towards the north; the Small Pantokrator (or meliteion mountain) towards the west; the salt-lands of Lefkimi towards the south, and the mountain of Chlomos, next to the mountain of Maltauna.

That also means that the guests will be able to get the best of both worlds, be close to the touristic villages of Messongi and Moraitika, but also to reach easily the relatively unknown villages of Chlomos, Spileo, Petriti, (on the east side) and Agios Matthaios and Pentati (on the west side). The villages themselves have their own unique cultural and historical heritage that is mostly Byzantine, unlike the dominant Venetian heritage of Corfu town and the north of the island. The area that is defined by and between these villages is of unique natural beauty.

The guests will be able to do their shopping in Messongi and Moraitika and to enjoy the lively bars, cafe’s and tavernas, as they will be able to buy local products, like the local delicacy nubulo (pork cured in wine), local and Greek wines and local fig pies. At the same time, they will also be able to reach easily the unique historical villages of Chlomos, Spileo, Petriti, Agios Matthaios and Pentati – where they can stroll around the unique millenium-old architecture that is untouched by time, while they enjoy the breath-taking sights of the east and west of south Corfu and the unique culture and history.

On the east side, Chlomos, and its neighboring village Spileo, is 3 km away on the last mountain of the south. So, from up there the guests can have a panoramic view of the whole geomorphology of south Corfu; on the east, the old salt land of Lefkimi, now a very important wetland, and the shores of mainland Greece and Albania. In the west, the most important wetland of the island, the laguna of Koriseion, with its magnificent cedar forest and petrified sand-dunes (a World Heritage site protected by the UNESCO), the Meliteion mountain-where Agios Matthaios is – until further down south to the cape of Arkoudilas. In the village there are a few small tavernas, the ones on the west enjoy the views of the sunset while the taverna on the east that is a built under the village church. The Taxiarchs – the Arch-Angels Gabriel and Michael – that allegedly was built on the site of an ancient shrine of Apollo. From there, Visitors can get a glimpse of the reasons that drove the ancient Greeks to worship the solar deity, Apollo, on that mountain. The fishing port and village of Petriti is 5 km to the south. There, the visitors can still buy fresh fish straight from the fishing boats (or, if they are willing enough, to see the cinematic scene of the fishing boats as they make their way out of the, port followed by hundreds of seagulls, in the early morning), or, later in the afternoon, they can enjoy the freshest fish in the few places still un-hyped by tourists and tourist guides fish tavernas of the village.

On the west side, the village of Agios Matthaios is about 8 km away. There, in the couple of local tavernas the visitors can still taste the local Corfiot dishes of pastitsada (pasta with rooster cooked in wine) or burdeto (a spicy fish stew), as they can explore a place that has been inhabitated continously since the later paleolithic times. The Meliteion mountain as the space that surounds it can not leave untouched all the hikers and treckers, but also the lovers of history and mythology. Medieval monasteries and churches, caves with stalactites, caves with paleolithic remnants, natural pools and sites that appear in ancient Greek myths are but a few of the places that someone can visit there. A bit further up north, 15 km away from Thalassa Garden, is the mountain village of Pentati. Pentati, with its unique bee hive-like architecture is in my opinion Corfu’s best kept secret. Only 5 km awy from the crowded beach of Agios Gordios and about 10 km from the famous village of Pelekas and the busy Glyfada beach, Pentati enjoys the views of the whole dramatic geomorphology of north-western Corfu as it offers a partial frame for the unlimited horizon of the open sea and the most breath-taking sunset. The two local tavernas can offer visitors the necessary wine and food for a complete taste of the Corfiot hospitality and beauty.

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