Top local and Greek dishes and products that you should definitely try when in Corfu

Pastitsada– One of the most famous local pasta dishes, typically it is rooster cooked in red wine, though other meats can be used, like chicken, veel or even mullets. 

Burdeto-The infamous local fish stew with a very spicy red sauce. Typically is cooked with any sort of fatty fish.

Sofrito– Another typical local dish, it is veel with garlic and vinegar sauce. 


Shaksuka, or eggs with red sauce- Originally a Jewish dish (although many countries fight about its origin), it is a very fast, easy and super tasty dish to make and impossible to find in any taverna. You make a red sauce of your own taste, and then carefully place the eggs on top without breaking them and bring it into a boil until the eggs are done to your preference. A couple of minutes before it is ready you can add a few pieces of feta cheese.  We can offer you some tips and information if you want to learn how to cook it.


Gavros plaki– A Greek classic that is very difficult to find in the tavernas. It is tiny fish, gavros, in the oven covered with tomatoes, garlic, onions and oregano. If you want to learn how to cook it we can offer you tips and information, like, where to find cleaned gavros etc.


Nubulo– If you like bacon when you visit Corfu you can definitely replace it with nubulo. Nubulo is pork cured in red wine and it will give a different twist in your breakfast of carbonara.


Local Botarga– The stuff of legend, to find this superfood you can ask around in the village of Agios Matthaios.

Baby shrimps– More legendary stuff, the only place we managed to find it is in Corfu town in the fish bar near Hotel Hermes.


Fig pies– More local superfood! Figpies are mashed figs together with ouzo and/or grape molasses, it is guaranteed to to help you start your day with a kick!


And for all those who are vegeterians or vegans (but not only), there are a number of dishes that you can find in most local tavernas, from boiled or fried zucchini to fried eggplants and pepperoni,that are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.


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