Our local and Corfu town choices for tavernas, restaurants and markets for 2020

This is a list with the restarants, taverns and markets that are noteworthy and convenient for the guests of Thalassa garden to visit. 

In Psaras

The Fisherman’s Haunt

Dionysos taverna

George and Helena’s taverna


In Messonghi,

Bacchus taverna


In Petritis,

Stamatis fish taverna



In Chlomos,

Balis taverna



In Gardiki Fortress,

Gardiki cafe-taverna where you can have a bite after swimming if you visit Chalikounas beach


In Prasoudi, Prasoudi taverna is a nice meze taverna for some perfect fried gavros and fresh boiled greens after swimming,   

in Agios Matthaios,

Pavlos’ and Rosina’s taverna’s taverna for local dishes like Burdeto and Sofrito.


In Pentatis, Chris’s place is grill house with a breathtaking view. Chris’s place


In Corfu town, my personal favorite is the Akamatra taverna, a wonderful place that does crossover of Corfiot and Asian cuisine, their roast pork and beef are extremely good. And the classic amongst the locals for its special sauce they use in their souvlaki take-away, and for many other local dishes, taverna Ninos,  

Right across the tiny kandouni street where Taverna Ninos is, you will find the traditional Voulismas pastry shop, with many local pastries, like Corfiot pudding and mandolato, to mix with your ice cream.


The local markets of Messonghi and Moraitika are very well informed, work very convenient hours (until 23:00) and can offer anything from local products to all the beach paraphernalia that you might need. The 3Ks Shopping center in Messonghi is the nearest market to Thalassa Garden (and with an excelent wine selection), and the Coop Market in Moraitika, for a wide selection of local products and delicacies.


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