Our Answers Your Top Questions

Taxis:  Corfu Radio-Taxi 26610 39911, Nektarios (local driver) +30 698742916


Buses: Buses from and to Corfu https://greenbuses.gr/index.php/el/routes-gr?rt=B7


Car-scooter rentals: Many available scooter and car rentals in Messongi. We recommend Millenium Car Rentals.


Boat trips: A few available boat trips in Messongi, like Captain Homer and many more.


Doctors: Local Dr Balis 26610 75044. Dr Chalidia 26610 75066


Pharmacy:  pharmacies available in Messongi and Moraitika


Supermarkets: A few supermarkets available in Messongi and Moraitika, our top 3 choices are: 3Ks (very good selection of wines and spirits and everything you might need for the beach), Dimitra Market (for fresh greens, fruits and veggies), Coop Market (for a great selection of local cheeses and meats, with an excellent service).

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